Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

One of the most anticipated seasonal activities our family does around the holidays is graham cracker gingerbread houses.

Each child (and adult!) gets:

◦ A large, sturdy Paper Plate to build on

◦ 1-2 sleeves of Graham Crackers

◦ A Tub of Vanilla Frosting

◦ An Assortment of Candy (usually M&Ms, Fruit Snacks, Twizzlers and Peppermints)

We started out using graham crackers because we had kids of varying ages…and each had their own ideas about how they wanted their house to look. Graham crackers are an affordable way to allow everyone to build their own creation. However, after we’d done it for a year or two, someone gifted us some houses, and we found that our family actually preferred the open-ended ness of the graham crackers! You can literally build anything you want; only your imagination (and building skills are the limit). Kids LOVE having their own tub of frosting. And…TBH, graham crackers and frosting taste waaaay better than the boxed houses.

This year we made our creations on New Years Eve…but you could do them any time during the holidays or throughout the winter!

What out of the box ways does your family spend time together?














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