2021 Family Bucket List

It’s 2021! How did you celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of the next?

To celebrate the new year, we ate a lot of yummy food (our family usually does “appetizers” for New Years Eve, and we eat all the delicious things I wouldn’t normally cook. We also worked on a “Bucket List” of things that we’d like to do as a family before 2021 comes to a close. We printed it out, hung it up, and will work on it throughout his calendar year—it matches our family values and will be a flexible guide as we begin to navigate 2021 and all it has in store. There are 12 ideas listed, just enough to do one a month, although we might go quicker than that! There’s also space to write a few extra ideas as we discover them along the way.

I’m including a copy here (below) that you can download and print. There are extra lines to write your own family ideas as well!

Family Bucket List 2021

What are your hopes, dreams and prayers for 2021? What are you hoping to be and do as a family? How can you take one baby step today towards living into that?


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