Some thoughts about pots… (and pans)

This is probably one of the hardest working cabinets in our home. Those pots get used multiple times a day—today they made oatmeal for breakfast, and homemade Mac & cheese for lunch. They’ll boil water for afternoon tea, and get called into work again for rice, beans and tacos for dinner tonight. Those pots have been in service for almost 20 years, and while they’re far from glorious (and are certainly not as shiny as they once were)they have served our family well. They’ve made soup for sick neighbors and cooked rice and beans for those celebrating the birth of a new baby. They’ve cooked birthday and anniversary dinners—and literally thousand or meals set before hungry little ones. They’ve been witness to our family’s joys and sorrows and kept us well fed in the midst of both. Thankful for these hardworking tools today.

What is a hardworking area of your hole that you’re thankful for?








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