How We Celebrate Birthdays

How do you celebrate birthdays in your home, Mama?

As the years have gone by, we’ve gotten simpler and simpler in our celebrations, and I’ve come to really appreciate the rhythm we have now. And with 5 kids, it’s been good to keep it simple!

We start the day with a simple birthday breakfast, chosen by the birthday kid. Today, Mr. 8 chose walnut chocolate chip muffins. There’s always a special birthday prayer said at the table, and taper candles set the mood. The other kids usually decorate our tiny eating area with drawings or coloring pages wishing the birthday child a happy birthday.

After breakfast, we head to the living room where the siblings give the birthday boy (or girl!) cards or a small gift. One or two presents from Mama and Daddy follow, and then all the kids spends time playing together till lunch. Although they are still expected to complete their schoolwork for the day, most of them will choose to work ahead so that they can take the birthday “off” together. We always include something special in the afternoon, perhaps a birthday three marker challenge, a board game, or time spent outside together as a family.

The birthday child gets to choose dinner and dessert too! Mr. 8 requested a pancakes with two kinds of homemade fruit compotes/syrups (blueberry & strawberry), followed by an ice cream buffet with assorted candies, cookies and other toppings. We’ll sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out candles with dessert.

And then it’s time for baths, family devotions, stories and bed…but before bedtime, we have a “birthday book”—a beloved family storybook of a family coming together to celebrate a little boy’s birthday. We’ve read it every year for each child since our oldest was four or five; and it wouldn’t feel like a birthday to our kids without it.

And that’s our simple birthday celebration. How do you celebrate birthdays in your family? Are there any traditions or rhythms that you do year in and year out?

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