Wanna See Inside My Fridge?

Hey Mama,

Here’s a sneak peek of our fridge, and how it looks on a typical weekday. It’s almost 20 years old. It’s missing one of its fruit/vegetable drawers (see that blue basket on the bottom right?). It doesn’t have pretty transparent containers. And sometimes, (gasp!) when we have a lot of white rice leftover, we put the rice pot in the fridge to make it easy to heat up the next day for lunch. 🤫

Our fridge is far from Instagram-worthy. But you know what—it feeds my family 3 hot meals and a snack—every day, 7 days a week. It’s never completely empty, there’s always something to eat in there. It holds the leftovers from dinner that are transformed into delicious hot lunches. It keeps our family fueled and let’s us gather multiple times daily around our table.

Our fridge—is enough. And I’m so grateful for it. It’s not a pretty color, it’s a little dented, but it serves our family well. And there’s no need to buy another as long as it continues to serve us.

What far from Instagram-worthy item in your home serves your family well and faithfully? What hardworking tools are enough in your home, that you can be content with, not because they’re beautiful, but they help you to live the life to which you’ve been called?








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