Screen Time & Little Ones

We really don’t watch much tv around here, but every once in a while, when I need 20 minutes to start or finish a task, I’ll put on Daniel Tiger for the little ones. If you’re looking for a slow paced, wholesome show that gently teaches kids how to handle big feelings, explore what it looks like to be part of a family, and introduces the concept of being part of a community and neighborhood—Daniel Tiger checks the boxes. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and Daniel Tiger takes me back to the days when as a little girl dealing with hard things, I felt like Mr. Rogers was talking right to me.

Even though many of our days are #ScreenFree, there are still days when I’m very thankful that I can use a slow-paced show that my toddler can follow to allow me to get something done or even to reinforce a concept that we’ve been working on.

Are there any shows that your kids watch that are just great shows or that help them navigate the world around them?








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